Q:   Where are the servers hosted?
A:  Our Australian Servers are hosted within Primus, a carrier grade data centre, providing a quality, high availability hosting environment.

Q: How about server down time?
A:  As a part of regular ongoing maintenance to the servers, we have scheduled down time in order to implement system upgrades. These occur outside of business hours and are generally a few minutes in duration.

Q: What about browser compatibility, what browsers are you compliant with?
A: arcticFox web engine is tested for compatibility on IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome..


Q: What version of the browser can I use?
A: As the administrator of your website you must have the latest versions of Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla browsers. Earlier versions of Firefox, Safari etc are not XHTML capable browsers. Users can view your website in earlier version.

Q: Security? How secure is your shopping cart?
A:  arcticFox web engine implements 128 bit SSL which is the same technology used by banks.

Q:  What about cookies? Can I refuse to accept cookies?
A: arcticFox web engine uses cookies in order to store state information on your computer. This allows the arcticFox web engine to provide an “intelligent” viewing experience for the user. If your browser refuses to accept cookies, the web page can not be viewed.

Q:  What about back up?
A: arcticFox web engine backs up all web content on a daily basis.

Q:  I have already paid for my hosting elsewhere, can I use this?
A: Your current host is offering "empty space" into which you have to put HTML code. You'll need to engage a coder to go that way What ArcticFox is offering is a "ready coded space" into which you can put pictures and words. You get a professional graphic designed website rather than a generic /template looking site. You can cut out the cost of a coder. The big advantage in what we do of course is that you can make changes to your own website. You can not do this with your current host.

Q:  What process do you use for search engine optimisation? We would want to make sure that people can find us easily!
A: arcticFox technical establishment provides a standard Search Engine Registration via Google SITE MAPS. The system itself has been search engine optimized from a technical point of view.  arcticFox does NOT guarantee any specific result in the search engines. SEO and SEM/SEA is today a highly specialist area. In addition and at extra cost, arcticFox can provide more extensive managed Web Strategies, such as social media optimisation, online reputation management, and social networking through our strategic alliances.

Q:  Does the arcticFox web engine conform to Web standards (e.g. W3C)?
A: arcticFox web engine is XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant (NOTE: we cannot prevent non-compliant code from being pasted into the on-line editor)




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