FLUX (fl[u^}ks), n. to flow: the act of flowing; a continuous

moving or passing by, as of a flowing stream.


FLUX Design Studio believes good design is honest & unobtrusive – drawing attention not to itself,
but to the message.

FLUX provides customised design, specialising in the implementation of print & interactive communication.
With strong visual design & well-considered packaging, products produced by FLUX are designed to stand out from the crowd. FLUX has worked with a broad cross-section of clients including local government, educational & community organisations, small business, artists & hobbyists.

Jinny Coyle is the principal partner at FLUX Design Studio. Jinny was already an accomplished designer when, back in the '80s, she recognised the potential of the computer as a tool to help streamline the design
process... As well as being trained as an Arctic Fox ‘Foxy Designer’, Jinny has a ‘Bachelor of Arts in
Multimedia’, ‘Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training’, ‘Certificate IV in Business -
Small Business Management’ & a ‘Graduate Certificate in Internet & Web Computing’. In her own time you will often find her wandering around taking photos for her annual exhibitions or curled up reading her favourite book of the day.

FLUX Design Studio
melb: 03 9687 3744
central victoria: 03 5368 6444


You can view some of her completed projects at
fluxdesignstudio.com.au  & download a section of her portfolio.