Technical Facts


is software that we developed to provide the dynamic technology to build and implement fully integrated websites.

It’s the coding behind the website that makes it work, that drives it, that gives it its functionality.


We created the arcticFox web engine from scratch in 2001. It is aproprietary product that we are constantly improving

to meet the changing needs of the Internet market. If you join the arcticFox pack your suggestions are all taken on board

and often you’ll see them implemented into the next upgrade!


Incredibly versatile and intuitive, the arcticFox web engine can be used to build a basic site, (build your database

by capturing customer details?) develop an e-marketing campaign or implement an efficient

online shop of any size.


Our web engine has been developed with you in mind. Whether you are the Graphic Designer

who uses it to build a website. Or you are the Website Owner who uses the Content Management component

to make easy changes, additions or deletions to your website.

rcticFox alliances' special offers, network with the other businesses within the Fox community and much more.
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