No development costs!


There are no development costs for using arcticFox web engine for your website! We have already developed the HTML code and after 9 years of operation we know it works.

And there are no hidden fees! Only two parts to our fees: 

 A once off technical establishment fee
 A monthly ongoing subscription



The Technical establishment fee covers the technical set up of the website, email set up, standard SEO, product data load, customer data load and CMS training.

The monthly subscription fee includes the use of the tools and functionality, automatic system enhancements, domain name management and renewal, technical support, hosting, email forwarding and much more. We are just a phone call away, and we sit in Australia, Melbourne to be more specific - even though some of us still have an accent!



Technical Establishment Fee

(GST inclusive)

Monthly Subscription Fee

(GST inclusive)

One Pager



Five Pager



Unlimited Pages



Lead generator - One Pager



Lead generator - Unlimited Pages



Shopping cart



Multi site option

















Ongoing monthly subscription is made by direct debit, which is managed through Westpac Payway. Your monthly fee will be withdrawn once a month starting on the date your website goes live. arcticFox does not withdraw any fees before you have tested and approved the site to go live.

We will keep all information regarding your nominated account at your Financial Institution, private and confidential.

Your responsibilities

 To ensure that sufficient funds are available in the nominated account to meet a drawing on its
   due date.
 To advise us if your account details or business details change.
 To advise us if you change ISP or email address


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