Secure shopping cart

There is no guess work with an arcticFox web engine shopping cart; it has been working successfully for the last 10 years!

Key Features:
 online product catalogue
 online retail store
 online wholesale orders
 delivery costs
 specifies your returns/refunds policies
 order tracking and an order history for  customers
 invoices automatically with a copy to the merchant
 money transfers directly into the bank account
 inventory control
 cross referrals
 specials and discounts
 wholesale/retail margins 
 currency converter 
 SSL site security






















Data Management

The arcticFox shopping cart provides an in-built toolset to manage product information:


 Add new products
 Remove deleted products
 Change prices (eg. run a clearance sale on old stock, price increases)
 Generate Gift Certificates
 Multiple product page layouts
 Product links and images







The client can also manage data (eg. customer data or product information) by exporting it to an excel spread sheet. It is an easy and user friendly way to analyse statistics and create a graphical representation of data.


Client data



 Manage clients’ expectations by providing them with an online account and password.
 Define a relationship with specific customers by offering special delivery costs, discounts or payment terms
 Generate reports that list all customer details including name, address, email, phone and








Dynamic reports

An essential part of running an online business is knowing what is selling, who is buying and how much money you're making. The arcticFox shopping cart provides real-time reports including:


 customer orders
 product sales 



Key Features
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