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The decision to develop a web site for my business was a big one, but as soon as we contacted the process was smooth, efficient and quick. From the outset, Peter and Yvonne were keen to understand my needs, and subsequently have been a great support. The fact that I can update the site independently is a bonus – this is quick and easy to do, yet Peter is available to offer assistance if we call on him.

Although having a small turnover, business has increased dramatically over the past year. This is not only because I have access to ‘new’ customers through the internet, but also because clients who would have responded to my postal mail-outs can now view the web site and can be reassured about the quality of my product. Being the only web site, internationally, dedicated to Cued Articulation means that I have enquiries from around the world.

I look forward to further expansion in the future, and know that I can depend on arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) for ongoing support.


Helen Botham


Dear Yvonne & Peter


I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying using the arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) and how pleased I am to be working with you. You know I am a bit of a computer dinosaur and am on rather a steep learning curve (!) but I love being able to jump on my website and make a quick edit every time I think of some extra thing and I find the system very easy to navigate.


Melanie has also been an absolute gem to work with and I am very happy for you to offer my name as a referrer for either of you.


Thanks guys! Patti McCarthy from Believe You Can


I came to arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) because I was looking to both update my website and make it updateable! Although I work on the copy for websites all the time, I had no technical know-how, so was worried that a content management system would be tedious and difficult. I needn’t have worried.

Once Peter had copied the look and feel of my existing website to my new one, he guided me in setting up the whole thing, including posting pictures, links, my radio ads sound files and everything I wanted. Now I can easily manage it myself. When I can’t get something to work, I can call and talk to someone straight away, and not wait for the `next available representative’. I’d recommend an arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) website, not just for its functionality but for the real service behind it.


Ben Wells
Wellsaid Copywriting



Dear Yvonne and Peter,

After 3 years with another web designer who wouldn’t listen to my specific business needs, it is hard to describe how relieved I feel having moved to arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik). I was almost going to leave the work I love doing and go get a ‘normal job’ because I was so frustrated with the inflexibility of my website. As a very small business I have a team of myself and…myself. My computer is my administration and my marketing team. These teams are at last beginning to work efficiently for me and I am enjoying my work again at last. Now I’m having a creative feast! I am able to access my website to make changes any time of the day or night and if I do need your help, you are very gracious and willing to support. You are the first computer related business I have ever dealt with that I feel actually understand that your customers run business in their own fields of expertise; that may or may not mean they have any desire or expertise where computers are concerned. You really get that, and it seems clear that you have your own systems set up to make it as easy for your customers as possible.

The system you have created is, as you promised, for anyone and everyone who wants to maintain control over what goes onto their own website. Computers have never been my strong point (to put it mildly) however as you promised, I am finding my new website an absolute pleasure to work with. It is extremely easy, efficient and it allows me to keep promoting the latest things I want to promote within my business at the click of a mouse!

It is early days…I still have a lot to learn about the system’s functions and capabilities but I am already extremely happy to have made the move to arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik).


Many thanks to you,
Sincerely,Gayla Maxwell


"For the last few years I have been keen to have my own website and each time I asked or was given a contact to follow up – costs were well into the thousands.  I was fortunate to meet Yvonne who informed me from our first introduction she would be able to assist me and provide me with a website that would serve my business at a reasonable rate. I have had my website up and running for 1/5 of the cost of what I was quoted.  I am so amazed with the arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) team – they have created a website for me which allows me to make additions when I need to and if I need some extra help they are always there.  I have never met a business team such as Yvonne and Peter who follow through all that they say  with a smile.  It has been a pleasure meeting such sincere and passionate people in the computer world.  I am so pleased I waited and have had my website organized by Yvonne and Peter  from arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik).  A million thanks for making it happen for me and for securing the domain name I wanted."

Susan Gianevsky,
Homoeopath & Director of Be Free. www.befreenow.com.au


"Thank you arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) for giving my business freedom!  You made the transition from my original hosting company over to yours so smooth - it all happened without a hitch.

The updated shopping cart for my website is brilliant, I have the power to make changes  as I wish, my site looks fabulous, and your ongoing support and timely responses give me  so much more confidence.  I feel as though my business has taken one huge leap forward  since joining arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik)!  Thanks again."

Silva Mirovics
Roxy's Animal Wellness Clinic



Hi Yvonne
I can't remember whether I told you that I have a new client that came through my website!  That's a first which is fabulous.  They are a small not for profit organisation just what I like as well. It's great that when I do a search on bookkeepers I do see my website, which is certainly something I didn't have before going with arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik).




Imagine my delight after building my website, to have someone find me and offer me work. Thank you Peter, Stephen and all at arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) for all your help in the building of the site and since that time.




Dear Peter, Thanks for arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) expertise in helping to market our boutique amplifiers. We are now the largest tube amplifier manufacturer in Australia. Since we started using Eqwik for internet promotion we have doubled our sales in the last twelve months. We have also noted a large amount of international interest resulting in sales. I am very happy with the fast professional service provided by the Eqwik team.

Dave Ulbrick



"The staff at arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) were extremely helpful at every stage of setting up and training for my client’s web site. Their initial design concepts were very creative and not just ‘off the shelf’. I will recommend them to other clients, not only for such a great price, but professional and friendly service."


Sandy Hall
Owner of Hall of Fame Marketing



"As one of the Directors of Perfume on Tap, I would like to recommend arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) as an extremely user friendly web site with good hosting and particularly helpful support. arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) created our web site and has been hosting it for the past five years. We have continually upgraded and added various additional components to the web site. We recently organised a fundraising luncheon and used the web site for promoting the event as well as ticket purchases. This worked very well."

Jennifer King
www.Perfume on Tap



Since signing witharcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) some 3 years ago, we have had over 15,000 hits to date.

This is extremely high for our industry,  we are in the top five on Google with a page ranking of 4/10. This is higher than our closest competitor. This in turn has generated high call volumes and e-commerce sales.


Now that Google analytics has been incorporated to our website. We are now able see various reports that assist in targeting our market.  Reports like keywords being used to find us and location as to where we were hit.

We have gone from being just an Australian company to being an international company. We credit this to arcticFox web engine (previously known as Eqwik) with developing our website in to something that is now found across the world. Keep up the great work, we look forward to seeing more great features as they develop

Mark Jayasekera
Dave Clifford
Advanced Woodmachine Technologies P/L









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