arcticFox launch at Koko Black!


Finally the big day for the team to reveal the new name and brand! The event was celebrated in style at Koko Black in Collin Street in Melbourne CBD.


The new brand was revealed and presented by Judy Hacker from Maxim Marketing.


Shane Hill, co-founder of Koko Black shared his passion for exquisite chocolate. We all thoroughly enjoyed the indulging experience of Koko Black hand made chololates! Together with a glass of bubbly, arcticFox could not have had a better inauguration!












Photographer: Kit Haselden


This is what guests had to say:

You and your team are to be congratulated for the launch of your arcticFox web engine brand... The event presentation hit all the right notes:  we were kept in suspense until the brand was unveiled and then our interest was maintained throughout as the brand concept was explained. As an event manager who recognizes that it is forward thinking for a company to launch their website  (and their brand) through a live event-- this confirms what I understand your team to be about...Innovative and progressive in your industry. Great choice of venues as well---who doesn't love Koko Black chocolate? Well done.

Louise Bartlett, Partner
Vianne Events


Thanks for the invitation to your cunning relaunch – what a great night!

Koko Black is a great venue, the food was wonderful and the presentation was fast paced and entertaining.



Dr Peter Lake

Principal Consultant
Knowledge Node Pty Ltd


I just wanted to thank you for the invitation to the recent launch of arcticFox.

It was a fabulous evening and I was very impressed with your new venture.

Again thanks for such an enoyable night.

Susan Westcott



Congratulations Judy and Yvonne,

Once again you have proven that you are well ahead of all your competitors( which I believe you have none ). Your concept is great and even with my limited computer knowledge recognize that it is aiming at lifting the standards in the industry as well as creating a new and exciting approach to web designs.
I feel so proud to be associated with such incredible professional women who dare to push all the boundaries and dare to be different.


Congratulations again to you all!


Kathy Madison



I must thank you very much for inviting me to the launch. It was a great evening and good to finally see the new look. It's a great brand concept that will certainly stand out in the marketplace and hopefully help you grow the business.


Ian Scott

Design Is

Web Engine Training