Meet OurTeam 


Peter Forsyth

Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Communications Engineering and a Technology Management MBA with twenty years experience as a consultant in telephony and Internet communications, gained in Australia, Europe and America. He founded arcticFox web engine (formerly Eqwik) in 2001 with the ambition to provide small to medium sized businesses with affordable interactive e-commerce solutions. He has a strong customer focus and always listens to client’s needs.

Tel: 1300 728 238


Yvonne Forsyth

Yvonne’s background is within behaviour sciences and she takes a human holistic approach to business and online technologies. Business is more than bottom line and financial or legal transactions between commercial entities; it is about human interaction and relationships. She is determined to bring the heart and passion into the IT world. Her philosophy and approach to business is to create opportunities for other businesses to develop and to achieve their aspirations in business as well as in private life. 

Tel: 1300 728 238


Skype: arcticfoxweb


Niclas Hugoson 

Niclas was employed by arcticFox web engine (previously Eqwik) in Australia in 2006 and 2007.

He is now running a successful Swedish company called Agrocare AB since 2007, where ArticFox is a part of the company.

He has both college and university degrees in IT engineering.

Working widely around the IT area with web programming as the main focus.

Niclas keeps a close contact with the Australian team to develop and maintain articFox for the Swedish market.



The Team