What is a Certified foxyDesigner

We are proud to introduce you to our foxyDesigners!


These are professional graphic designers who have done the arcticFox web engine training and passed some strict guidelines in order to gain certification as a foxyDesigner. You can be assured that these designers understand how to use our web engine to create innovative and functional websites that will help drive your business.


Certification can be achieved at 3 levels:

Level 1 – Standard

These designers are proficient at producing a website that is informational and provides details about a company’s products and services


Level 2 – Lead Generation

foxyDesigners at this level are knowledgeable about implementing websites that utilise the e-marketing component of the web engine. They can set up auto responders, design a newsletter template, implement e-marketing campaigns and create log-on areas.


Level 3 – Shopping Cart

This level indicates graphic designers who totally understand and can utilise all the components of the arcticFox web engine including the shopping cart. They are able to implement a complete shopping cart for you that is easy to use and a pleasant experience for your online customers.


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What is Certification?

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