Create dynamic websites in an instant

arcticFox gives you the freedom to do so:


HTML freedom!

If you’re not interested in learning or understanding HTML then arcticFox is for you. It gives you the freedom to create websites without the need to understand or use HTML.


Developer Freedom!

arcticFox web engine gives you the freedom to be in control of the process from design concept to implementation of a dynamic, interactive website without having to be dependent on a web developer.


Creative freedom! 

arcticFox let’s your creativity roam wild.  arcticFox web engine allows you creative freedom to design websites that look unique without the need for restrictive templates.

Software freedom!

No need to buy any software. No more expensive software upgrades.  All you need is the latest browser version of Firefox or Internet Explorer on your Mac or PC. Both are free to download! 


Supportive Freedom

We invite you to join The ’foxPack’, your online technical community, your resource team with experts from a number of specialist areas. You will benefit from regular seminars and business training opportunities, special offers, networking with other businesses within the foxPack community and much more.


How do I get started?


Graphic Designers
Marketing & Advertising Agencies

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