A full service agency, for a fraction of the cost!




Zed Grafix is a Melbourne based boutique design and branding agency, run by experienced designer and project manager Rachel Turner.
Over the past ten years, we’ve designed and built websites, revamped corporate identities, created and carried out marketing strategies and developed products for a range of businesses both large and small.
What makes us different? Our ability to take on any size of project and still deliver first-class creative work.

The right people for the job every time
We’ve formed close bonds with a number of companies in the creative space. They all share our philosophy and our approach to working. They’re all leaders in their own spheres too. But because we only use them when we need to, we don’t have the overheads of a traditional full service agency.
We’re not limited by our choice either.
We select talent according to the specifics of each individual brief, from copywriters with knowledge of your industry, to printers with experience of a certain style of print – to web developers skilled in the right tools and technologies.
To us, this is just the best way of meeting your marketing objectives. To you, it’s your very own custom-built creative team.

The big picture
With creative work, it’s easy to see the deadline as the end of a project. We prefer to think beyond that.
At Zed Grafix we look at each individual job within the context of your long-term marketing strategy. It not only makes more sense to us – it makes better use of your marketing budget.
Our philosophy is about helping people build a stronger brand both now and for the future. It takes more time and commitment, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Contact details:

Rachel Turner

Zed Grafix
PO Box 2251
Moorabbin VIC 3189

Mobile 0414 856699
Email rachel@zedgrafix.com.au
Phone 03 9502 0777
Fax 03 9502 0777