7 website packages structured for growth


As we all know, business objectives change very fast. Not to worry though, you can easily upgrade and expand your website as your business grows and develops. We recognise that businesses have different needs and objectives  for a website and you only want to pay for what you need. You can therefore choose between seven different packages and upgrade at any time you want;






You may have just started a business and only need a small presence on the net so a one page website might do the trick.  These days it’s a must to have a web presence in order to be taken seriously as a business. Sad but true! A one page website together with business cards to use at networking events will be just enough to give credibility and confirmation of the existence of  your business.





For when one page is no longer enough! You might want to provide more information about your business than will comfortably sit on a single page or you might want to divide the information into different segments on different pages. A five page website can give you a strong presence and might be all your business needs at this stage.


When you have a large amount of information to display and  you want the ability to add  other pages as needed then  Unlimited Pages is the way to go. Your designer can set up page templates for you and you can add further pages yourself.




Coming soon….






If you want to be more pro-active with your online presence then this is the package for you.  It contains a range of functions and tools which will enable you to promote your business more actively online and to develop your database and communicate with potential customers.
Some of the lead generator functions available in the web engine:

 sign up pages/opt in
 auto responder
 privileged users
e-marketing tool
 client database







One of the major benefits of a successful website is that it can generate leads for you. In order to generate leads a website must capture visitors details so that you can follow them up or develop a relationship with them. A clever ‘Call to Action’ will encourage a visitor to provide their details and, when they do fill out the form, their details will automatically be captured and stored into your database.

An auto responder can also be set up to deliver  a special offer as soon as the visitor provides their details— and voila, you’ve got yourself a 24/7 sales person! As the database develops you can start communicating with potential customers and start building relationships. The more value visitors receive and the more they come to trust you, the more likely they are to one day actually make a purchase from you.





This is the top end package and it contains all web engine functionality (sign up pages, auto responder, privileged users, e-marketing tool, client database and a range of shopping cart tools) together with unlimited pages. arcticFox web engine integrates with a range of Payment Gateways. A payment gateway connects your website directly to the bank. Alternatively you can use PAYPAL express to capture credit card payments. Another alternative is to process the transactions manually using your existing merchant facility.

You can also use the shopping cart to capture orders on account terms

There are many different ways to structure and implement a shopping cart and to capture the credit card details. The most important part of setting up a shopping cart is to make sure your business has all the basic strategies in place before starting to work on the design concept and creation of a shopping cart. Should you like to talk to a business or marketing consultant who could assist with your business strategies, please call us on 1300 728 238. 


Multiple websites with shared content can be set up and controlled within a single  arcticFox website. This has a number of benefits including: 


 Smart permission base access to content across sites
 Low cost multi site implementations.
 Content sharing amongst related sites.





Applications include franchise or multi brand set ups where each individual business has their own website but contains the same information. 


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